Vanity Studio Established (2017) in Aberdeen by a fierce team combining skill and passion for brows, beauty, hair and makeup.

Frustrated with the lack of artistic flare and modern techniques in the North East we opened our doors to the self lovers who sought out a fresh approach to all things Glamourous. We brought together innovative artists and the most sought after local and international brands to create "Vanity Studio".

The VS team push boundaries and limits to ensure we stay ahead of market trends through training courses and exploring new advances in technology. Our goal is to remain "current" in a forever changing industry.

At Vanity Studio all our artists are fully insured and certified within their field. Our 5* recommendations mean the sun, stars and moon to us ensuring our regular clientele.

With us VS babes new faces are always welcome in the studio so pop in and live your best life (extra beautiful).

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams " Eleanor Roosevelt.

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